GT2860RS (Turbine A/R .86)

Bearing Type Ball
Cooling System Oil & Water Cooled
Wastegated Housing internal
Actuator Compete Yes
Other Specifications Turbine wheel is cast from "Inconel" material for extreme applications Upgrade turbocharger for GT2554R (PN 471171-3) and GT2560R (PN 466541-1); turbine housing flanges are outline interchangeable "Disco Potato" refers to the Nissan Sentra (potato-shaped body) with psychadelic color-change paint (disco) that was fitted with one of the first GT2860RS' in a project car build. The name stuck.

Horsepower : 250 - 360
Displacement : 1.8L - 3.0L

Comp Wheel (Ind/Exd): 47.2mm / 60.0mm
Turbine A/R: 0.86
Turbine Wheel: 53.8mm
Turbine Trim: 76
Comp Trim: 62
Comp A/R: 0.6


List price: $1,281.73
Price: $1,085.00
Weight: 10 lb
Dimensions: 10 in × 10 in × 8 in

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