Matrix Garage rear tie rods


These are our upgraded rear tie rods.

We used to sell an economy outer joint. We used to get them from rockauto but now rockauto will not ship to Colorado and we can't be bothered to search for parts we don't make any money on. Instead now you can order with Moog outer joints or no outer joints and can source your own elsewhere. 


They are now available with either our new economy inner joint or SPC inner joints.
We call our inner joints economy because we get them much cheaper than the SPC but they are still quite overkill for the application. They are rated for a static load of 16000 Newtons (3600 lbs). You could hang your car from them without coming close to reaching their limits. We have done our own static load compression test on these to 36000 Newtons (8000 lbs) and they still felt tight and functioned normally. The only real question is how long will these last. Since we haven't seen them in action for very long we just dont know but we are confident enough that we are willing to put a 5 year guarentee on them. If for any reason you blow out this inner joint within 5 years you can send it back to us and we will pop in a new one.

The SPC sealed X axis inner joints are rated to 22000 Newtons static load. They are designed for desert racing trucks, heavier vehicles and much more sever loads and forces than an AW11 should ever see. If you are buliding a 500 hp monster with 275 racing slicks or if you rally your car you could upgrade to these just to buy that extra headroom but even then they probably wouldn't be necessary.

Both joints still use the same SPC forged receiver with 18mm threads.

Both designs use a rubber dust boot that prevents dirt from getting into the joint and will make them last much longer. We spent a lot of time and spent a good bit more money to make sure our Economy joints kept this rubber boot because we believe it's worth having that extra protection.

SPC spherical bearing.


Economy bearing



The center adjuster is chromoly with a black zinc finish.

We have recently found an outer tie rod that was identical to the MR2 tie rods except that it has a 14mm adjuster thread. This allowed us to beef up the tie rod a little more and has also allowed us to buy a large inventory of the closeout Omni5 outer tie rods that are a great price for budget minded buyers.
If you have our REV 1 tie rods and need replacement outer joints you will use a standard AW11 front tie rod. Part number ES2270R. These will have a 12mm x 1.25 threaded outer adjuster.

For our new design REV 2 tie rods the outer tie rod end you need part number ES2382. These have a 14mm x 1.5 threaded outer adjuster.

 Honestly we probably loose a little money on the outer joints after shipping them here, stocking them and extra handling so if you source them from somewhere like rockauto or amazon it's no loss to us and saves us a little work. 


For details on the testing that we have done on various tie rods and our own check out the study here.

This test was done with our REV 1 joints with the 12mm adjuster. We have not yet tested out REV2 with the 14mm adjuster and don't really feel it's necessary as they are now stronger than the REV1.


Here is the graph of the testing we have done.
The vertical axis is force being applied to the tie rod. Higher is better.
The horizontal axis is distance the tie rod compressed.
The lines that start dropping shows the metal reached it's yield point and started permanently deforming.

Our tie rods maintain good ductility but are much stronger than anything we have tested.

We didn't feel any need to push ours to the point of yield.


For instalation instructions go here.

Warranty and liability information can be found here.

Price is for the pair.

List price: $0.00


Price: $165.00
Weight: 4 lb
Dimensions: 12 in × 4 in × 4 in

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