Engine components


Fidanza 4AGE adjustable timing gear


Adjustable timing gear for 16v 4AGEs.
Price is for one gear.
Available in silver, red or blue.

Price: $105.00

4AGE/GZE belt tensioner


This belt tensioner should fit all transverse mounted motors but I am always surprised to find new parts that I forgot about or didn't know about so I recommend measuring your tensioner and making sure everything is the same. 
This should also work for the AE86 although the diameter is slightly smaller so you may need a shorter belt. I haven't tested this but don't see why it wouldn't work. 
If you want to try it and it doesn't work return it for a full refund as long as it isn't scratched or damaged. 

Price: $120.00

16 valve 4AGE Coil pack bracket


For those goign distributorless ignition this bracket gives you a convienent mounting solution for an aftermarket coil pack.
The mount does not come drilled for the coil pack. For an additional fee I can tap holes if you get me the hole pattern and mounting location. Otherwise you can drill it out yourself for the specific coil you are using.
Could also be used to mount anything else you may need to. Made out of 1/8" aluminum so they are very strong.
These are made to order so allow a week to ship.

Price: $60.00

HKS Adjustable Cam Gears


Full Duralumin w/ Nickle Plated Gear Teeth
Price is for one gear.
Fit's 16 valve 4AGE.
Will fit the exhaust cam on 20 valve 4age's

Price: $182.00

Tomei 152015 Adjustable Pulley - Toyota 4AG


Tomei 152015 Adjustable Pulley - Toyota 4AG 16 Valve
Tomei introduces their highly popular and adjustable pulley for the Toyota 4AG 16 valve engine. Here are a few specs just to remind you how great these pulleys are:

Price: $110.00

ARP Ultra Torque lube 1.69 oz.


Because of frictional inconsistencies with oil, moly, and other lubricants it takes multiple cycles of torquing the bolt, loosening it, and tightening it again to obtain the required preload or stretch. Typically, when a fastener is first tightened, friction is at its highest point and the preload value or stretch is low. As the fastener is cycled numerous times the friction decreases and the preload increases.

Price: $7.25

ARP Ultra Torque lube 0.5 oz


Assembly lube for ARP bolts. Very important for achieving the proper bolt tension on important parts.

Price: $3.00

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