Engine Management & Tuning Tools


Bosch knock sensor kit


This is a bosch wide frequency knock sensor that can be used for the knock link G4 knock light, aftermarket engine management knock control and DIY detcans.
It includes the sensor and a connector kit with crimp terminals.

Price: $55.00

MegaSquirtPNP G2 T8590 for the 85-89 Toyota 4AGE and 22RE


MegaSquirtPNP Gen 2

Plug-N-Play Standalone Engine Management System


MegaSquirtPNP Model #T8590 Features

Fits several Toyota applications, all USDM with manual transmission:

Price: $799.00

DIYPNP Nippon Denso 76pin Unassembled Kit (4AGE Silvertop and Blacktop)


This DIYPNP N76 Connector kit can be built for a wide variety of Japanese and American cars from the 90's. Based on the MicroSquirt Module board, this ECU kit packs lots of features and lots of processing power.


Available Features / Technical Specifications

Based on MS2/E Firmware Version 3.2.1 or later

Price: $490.00

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