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J&S Safeguard

Three models cover all applications including coil on plug, waste spark, or distributor ignition.  
SafeGuard "Universal" version for Distributor Ignition

Originally introduced in 1991, the J&S SafeGuard is still the world's only standalone individual cylinder knock control ignition. Many features have been added along the way. Click the link for a list of features and the instruction sheets.

SafeGuard "Interceptor" version for Direct Ignition

Interceptor is designed to trigger ignition modules or coils that have an internal ignition transistor, sometimes referred to as "smart coils". These include GM LS1, LS2 coils, and coils found on many newer imports such as Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, etc. These coils will have three or four terminals: 12v, dwell signal, and one or two grounds.

Controls up to eight ignition channels.

SafeGuard "Vampire" version for Direct Ignition

Vampire is designed for Ford, Chrysler, Porsche, BMW, or other DIS ignition that have access to the negative terminal of each coil. These coils are sometimes referred to as "dumb coils".

Vampire can also connect to the output of a multi-channel inductive ignition module.

Vampire installs by tapping into the coil negative signal of an existing inductive ignition system. No wires are cut and the factory system remains in place doing most of the work. The Vampire is active only during the retard angle.

Controls up to eight ignition channels.


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Updated 04/24/2010

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