Knock monitoring


Bosch knock sensor kit


This is a bosch wide frequency knock sensor that can be used for the knock link G4 knock light, aftermarket engine management knock control and DIY detcans.
It includes the sensor and a connector kit with crimp terminals.

Price: $55.00

Knocklink G4 Knock light


Engine Detonation, Knock and Pre-Ignition Detection and Monitoring


The G4 KnockLink Digital Warning is the only self calibrating, knock warning instrument on the market. The KnockLink won a SEMA 2011 media award for a new product.


Price: $186.00

Haltech Knock Ears


The easy way to detect engine knock
Haltech offers an affordable solution for detecting engine knock in high performance and race vehicles. The Knock Ears are available in single or dual channel models and come with a headset, sensors and wiring loom.

Price: $0.00

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