We will be out of town Dec 2nd until Dec 12th.
I will still be checking orders and drop shipping everything I can which is a lot of stuff but anything that we make in house or isn't in stock with our distributors might not ship till we get back.
Anything actually made to order might be set back a little more than that.





We specialize in the 4A-GE engine, as well as parts and supplies for the AW11 MR2, AE86 Corolla and other classic Toyotas. If you need it we can get it or make it.

We make many parts in house including production parts and one off custom fabrication.


We make and well a wid range of parts to help the DIYer too. We make flanges, ITB and manifold adapters, and other DIY parts.
If we don't have it we can make it for you.

We also cary the best aftermarket parts that can help you achieve any build goals from mild to mean.

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